This is scratch build RC project, the idea came from three different pictures .  It will emulate a modern power/muscle deep V hull , with the classics of a barrel back  and mahogany decking.

The video is my take on the Virgin flying sub !

IMG_2133IMG_2141IMG_2143IMG_2147IMG_2148IMG_2149IMG_2186IMG_2195IMG_2200 IMG_2202IMG_2204IMG_2208IMG_2213IMG_2215IMG_2225IMG_2233IMG_2235IMG_2237IMG_2242IMG_2244IMG_2246IMG_2248IMG_2251IMG_2254IMG_2255IMG_2256IMG_2257IMG_2259IMG_2260IMG_2261IMG_2266IMG_2267IMG_2264IMG_2265IMG_2337


placing a drive in a shits and giggles boat !


A paddle wheeler refurbished

IMG_2683IMG_2646IMG_2643IMG_2641IMG_2639IMG_2638 IMG_2635IMG_2632IMG_2631



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